Concealing Evidences of the Structural Tamil Genocide.Mahinda. (Part-01)


Mahinda  Rajapakse –President  19.11.2005 – 09.01-2015 (Part-01)

He is a Buddhist chauvinist. He was engaged in destroying the Tamil race and converting Sri Lanka to a Sinhala island.

He had committed Tamil genocide in a manner, which was more atrocious than that committed by J.R.Jayawardane.

It was during his period that so many innocent civilians were abducted in white vans and murdered. Also, journalists were abducted and murdered. Furthermore, Tamil politicians underwent planned assassinations. Also, schoolteachers and students were abducted, raped and then murdered and buried. He commenced a war with Tamil Tigers, violating a peace deal by the Tamil Tigers. He also banned the supply of food and medicines to the Tamils’ homeland, thus bringing an economic sanction and thereby made the Tamil people suffer with famine and disease, thus committing genocide of Tamils. On top of this, by banning the supply of milk used by babies, he caused the deaths of newly born and young babies.

During the war between the S.L army and Tamil Tigers, all NGOs were sent out of the war zone, along with organisations such as the Red Cross and international news media, so that thereafter, no news could reach out anymore, and after that cluster bombs and phosphoric bombs were dropped over the Tamil people. The use of Cluster bombs, phosphoric bombs and Chemical bombs had been specifically banned internationally. Thousands of Tamil people were massacred by the use of such bombs.

Furthermore, after declaring a so called ‘safe zone ‘ for those people who were running for life as refugees, and getting them to assemble them in schools, hospitals and temples, they attacked the very same venues and buildings with motors and rocket fire and bombs and massacred all those civilians. People were murdered in thousands, including pregnant women and old people as well. On top of that many had lost their limbs and until now they are living as lame persons.

The murders and massacres committed during his time

Joseph Pararajasingham MP shot dead in Batticaloa church

Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham, a senior Tamil politician and the Batticaloa district Member of Parliament (MP) of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was shot and killed by two srilankan C.I.D at St. Mary’s co-cathedral church in Batticaloa town while attending Christmas prayers early morning at 1.20 a.m Sunday. The MP’s wife, Mrs. Sugunam Pararajasingham, seriously wounded in the gunfire, was rushed to Batticaloa Hospital in critical condition. Seven more persons were injured in the gunfire, civilian sources said. 

Mr. Pararajasingham arrived at the Church at 10.30 p.m where the services led by Batticaloa Bishop Kingley Swampillai started at 11.30 p.m.

The co-cathedral is located in the heart of Batticaloa town on Central Road.

Pararajasinghams have two sons (one deceased), and one daughter.

Mr Joseph Pararajasingham was born on 26 November 1934 and started his career as a draftsperson at the Batticaloa secretariat. He started public service as a part-time journalist at the Tamil daily “Thinapathi,” where he wrote stories under the name Sugunam Joseph.

He entered Sri Lanka Parliament in 1990. He was re-elected in 1994 with the highest number of preferential votes ever received by a Tamil candidate in the NorthEast. He was again elected on the final count of preferential votes in the October 2000 elections. He again became an MP under the national list in 2002.

Mr Pararajasingham had a good command in English.

During the late 90’s he followed up with the Sri Lanka armed forces cases of detention, disappearances, torture, rape and killing of Tamil civilians.

He was an Executive Member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the SAARC Parliamentary Assocoation.

Subramaniyam Sugirdharajan,

Reporters Without Borders today condemned the murder of Subramaniyam Sugirdharajan, a correspondent of the Tamil-language daily Sudar Oli in the eastern city of Trincomalee, who was gunned down early this morning after writing yesterday about the abuses committed in his region by Tamil paramilitary groups

³We are horrified by the level of violence against Tamil journalists,² the press freedom organisation said ³The impunity enjoyed by the instigators and perpetrators of these murders encourages more violence against the press We urge Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake to do everything possible to ensure that the police identify and arrest Sugirdharajan¹s murderers, as well as the murderers of Relangi Sevaraja and Dharmeratnam Sivaram, who are still at large.²

Sugirdharajan is the third Tamil journalist to have been killed in the past 12 months Ten others have been arrested, physically attacked or threatened by the security forces or the Tamil armed movements

Aged 35 and the father of two small children, Sugirdharajan was a Trincomalee port employee as well as a journalist He was shot dead at about 6 a.m. today as he was waiting for public transport to go to work His killers used a motor-cycle to get away after shooting him. Police went to the scene of the murder According to the Tamilnet website, he was gunned down near the governor¹s secretariat

In an article for yesterday¹s issue of Sudar Oli, he detailed the abuses committed by Tamil paramilitary groups including the EPDP in the Trincomalee region The newspaper also recently ran photos taken by Sugirdharajan showing that five Trincomalee students were shot dead at point-blank range on 2 January, disproving the army¹s claim that they were killed by a grenade explosion

Pesalai house murders: On 23.12.2005, 4 people were murdered in their own house by the S.L army.

Murders of students in Trincomalee: On 02.01.2006, 5 Tamil students were murdered at a meeting place, by S.L army and Sinhala racists.

Manipay murders: On 24.01.2006, Sinhala racists murdered 3 people belonging to the same family in their house.

On 12.4.2006, along Trincomalee shopping centre, Sinhala racists murdered 15 Tamils.

Murders at Kompuvaiththa Kulam: On 13.04.2006, 3 people were abducted by S.L army and murdered. Their faces were destroyed by pouring acid.

Puttur murders: On 18.04.2006, 5 Tamils were abducted and murdered by S.L army.

Muthoor shelling: On 26.04.2006, all three forces shelled the village Muthoor, murdering 12 civilians.

Attack on Uthayanan newspaper: On 02.06.2006, the S.L army, after deliberately planning, opened fire on the office of the Uthayanan newspaper, thereby killing 2 employees.

Nelliadi murders: On 04.05.2006, S.L army opened fire on public and killed 7 civilians.

Manthuvil Temple murders: On 06.05.2006, S.L army murdered 8 people when they attacked Manthuvil Temple.

Allaipitti massacre: On 13.05.2006, 13 civilians who were in their house in Allaipitti, were murdered by the S.L army in connivance with Cadet corps(?)

Vadamunai mine disaster: On 07.06.2006, 10 people were killed by stepping on mines planted by the S.L army.

Vankalai family disaster: On 08.06.2006, Sinhala army, along with its cadet corps, entered a house in Vankalai, raped the wife (after awakening her from sleep), murdered her and also murdered her husband and a child. They hung their bodies. Altogether 4 people were killed.

Human graves in Kaithady: During June 2006, S.L army abducted and murdered 4 people. Their scattered body parts were discovered in Kaithady.

Pesalai church murders: On 17.6.2006, 4 people were murdered.

On 27.6.2006, 3 people were murdered by unknown persons in Mailampaveli.

Musali murders: On 28.6.2006, 3 people were shot dead by the S.L army.

In Thunukkai of Mullaiththeevu district, on 29.6.2008, A.G.A Mr Nagalingam Nandakumar was killed in a Clalymore attack by the deep penetration unit of the

Massacres of Action Fain volunteers: On 05.08.2006, 17 volunteers of ACF Action Contre La Faim, which has it’s head office in France, were murdered by S.L army.

Attack on Ambulance in Nedunkerni: On 08.08.2006, the deep penetration unit of the S.L. army bombed the Ambulance (used for urgent medical treatment), thus killing 5 people.

Allaipitti Church murder: 12 people, who sought refuge in Allaipitti church on13.08.2006, were used as human shield, by the S.L. army. They were attacked with rockets and killed.

Chencholai massacre: On 14.8.2006, at Chencholai in Vallipuram, S.L air force bombed, killing 54 students, whose bodies were thus shattered. These students were admitted there from Vanni District, in order to get training in a course on First aid. 

Poththuvil murders:  On 17.9.2006, S.L army’s special forces, made an attack on a bank, thus killing 10 Tamil civilians.

On 16.10.2006, S.L army’s special forces attacked a house in Puthukkudiiruppu, killing 4 people.

Attack on Kilinotchi hospital: On 2.11.2006, S.L air force bombed the Kilinotchi hospital, killing 5 persons. Many doctors and patient were injured and the hospital was damaged.

Nadarajah Raviraj. (1962-2006)

Nadarajah Raviraj, 44, Jaffna district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian was shot in Colombo around 8:30 a.m. Friday. The MP succumbed to his wounds at Colombo National Hospital. A lawyer turned politician, former mayor of Jaffna,

Mr. Raviraj, elected twice, has been an outspoken parliamentarian who voiced against the extra-judicial killings and forced disapperances in NorthEast and Colombo. The parliamentarian took part in a demonstration Thursday against the Sri Lanka Army shelling in Vaharai where 47 Tamil civilians, Internally Displaced from Trincomalee, were killed, Wednesday.

The shooting took place near the MPs residence at Manning Town, Narahenpitiya in Colombo when Srilankan C.I.D riding a motorbike shot at him while he was preparing to drive his car. The MP had returned home around 8:20 a.m. from participating in a Derana TV interview program between 7:00 am to 8:00 a.m. 

Mr. Raviraj passed away at 9:20 a.m., according to Dr. Hector Weerasinghe at the hospital. 

Originally from Chavakachcheri, born on 25 June 1962, he attended higher studies at Chavakachcheri Drieberg College and St. John’s College, Jaffna. 

He was enrolled as an Attorney at Law in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in November 1987.

Raviraj appeared in the Sri Lankan Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and in High Courts of Ampara, Batticaloa, Vavuniya, Trincomalee, Jaffna and elsewhere in the south. His Law Firm, Raviraj & Associates, specialised in cases under Prevention of Terrorism Act, and Emergency Regulations.

Raviraj also worked as a human rights lawyer in Colombo, Home for Human Rights, from 1984 to 1990 and from 1993 till 1997 before embarking on a political career, first appointed as Deputy Mayor of Jaffna Municipal Council. 

He joined the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) in 1987, became Central Committee Member in 1990 and the party’s legal advisor in 1998. He was appointed as a member of political bureau of the party in 2000. 

Raviraj was appointed Mayor of Jaffna 2001 and appointed as administrative secretary of the party. 

He was elected as Member of Parliament for Jaffna District in 2001 general elections and re-elected in 2004. 

Attack on Vavuniya College of agriculture: On 18.11.2006, the S.L. army murdered 4 students.

Massacre in the East: on 8.12.2006, in several areas of Eastern Province in Sri Lanka, the S.L army murdered 184 innocent Tamils.

Padahuthurai murders – On 02.01.2007, 15 people were killed by bombing by S.L air force.

On 27.2.2007, 02 Educationalists were murdered in an education office in Mannar by the deep penetration unit of the S.L army.

Paduvankarai murders: On March 08/09 2007, S.L air force bombed a people’s Residental area , thereby killing 5 people. Hundreds were injured and properties worth millions were damaged.

On 29.3.2007, 6 people were murdered in a shelling by S.L army, targeting a peoples colony in Siththandi.

Millions of properties that belonged to Tamils were destroyed as well as swindled by him. During the final war in 2009, having declared that general amnesty will be given once the arms had been laid down, he blindfolded and tied the hands of those who so surrendered, without any distinction between man and women, undressed them all, and massacred them. On top of that, including Rev. Father Francis Joseph, those who surrendered with him, his family members and hundreds of people including children and women, who were so handed over by parents, have never been released or let known.

He murdered over 146,000 innocent civilians during the final war at Mullivaikkal. It was Hitler who had the notoriety as a person who committed atrocities and massacres in the world. But in the 21st century, Mahinda Rajapakse committed the biggest genocide. He is still agitating to make Sri Lanka a Sinhala Buddhist state until this day.

Note: The massacres,here given are not full details. Wartime Environment more details of the massacres were missed. The details of massacres, on the basis of we collected are here given.

Intention: In the situation where the massacres of Tamils are being carried out, please please help to save our Tamil Nation to see these data s of the massacres that are given by us.

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